Andre Schirmer

Andre Schirmer is an Urban Painter. He is primarily interested in the movement of light in city centers, living at night and capturing the movement of the different colors in daily life.

A canvas in motion, his paintings become adventures in the intense bustling traffic of city life. Mr. Schirmer is keenly tuned into the shades of colors and lighting effects that take place in the environment of major cities, the people and their habitat. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montreal where he developed a uniquely urban style using bold strokes, spontaneity and vivid color to depict the vitality and energy of the Big City night life and it’s people. Andre has mastered the art of capturing the emotion, facial expressions and refinement of his subjects as illustrated in his recent collection of female portraits. The viewer is able to relate to the personality and character of these colorful works of art. He inimitable style is a combination of Abstract, Pop, Graffiti and Neo-Expressionism.


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