Valentina Bautista

Valentina was born in Manila, Philippines on February 14, 1963, It was Valentines Day. She spent long summers on the exotic island of Boracay, which possesses what is know as one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the World. This exposure to the gorgeous and colorful flora and scenery piqued her artistic interests in figurative, abstraction, and vivid colors. The artists who were most influential on Valentina include Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Hans Hoffman, and Sam Francis.

While studying for her Doctorate of Dentistry at the University of Manila she also had the opportunity to develop her drawing skills and to perfect her understanding of the human face and figure. She graduated with a Masters of Science Degree in Orthodontics and went on to gain and artistic following in the Fashion, Movie, and Television industries.

During the years building her Dental practice, she was also creating her artistic concept of “Sensual Expressionism.” This process combines Colorful Abstraction with the Figurative. Sensual Expressionism merges faces and figures with human emotional expressions into the colorful abstract background. This evolves into a truly unique sculptural abstraction with a Modern Pop connotation.

Valentina’s art collectors have come from all areas of Asia including Hong Kong, New Delhi, and Japan. Now she is being discovered in the United States, where she is gaining enormous popularity and and a very enthusiastic following. She is residing and painting in California and spends equal periods of time as well at her hilltop studio on the island of Boracay.

You are cordially invited enjoy and appreciate this romantic, exciting, and colorful art form.


1981 University of the Philippines, Major in Dentistry, Minor Fine Arts.

1986 Doctors of Dentistry Degree, University of the Philippines

1988 Masters Degree in Orthodontics.

2010 Irvine Valley College, CA, Fine Art Studies, Nude, Portraiture, Torso, Abstract Theory.

2011 Laguna College of Art & Design, Laguna Beach, CA
Advanced studies in Male & Female Faces, Composition, and Nude Drawing.


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